What is a Game Console?

As more diverse boxes come into the living room, not least those supporting Netflix streaming service (of which 360 is but one), and PC content creators show themselves significantly more agile in adopting new models for game content,  the question of what next generation game consoles will look like only gets more interesting. Some recent optimism about the current PC gamer marketplace is probably overstated, but it’s a curious time right now. -Especially compelling to ponder after the latest add-on to games’ subscription model leviathan.

Given the upcoming transition to digital (encouraging television upgrades) and likelihood of retailers giving away digital monitors after a lousy Christmas season, the living room may become even more hospitable to technology. But it will need to be inexpensive technology, and the economic environment may end up facilitating that sort of hardware. At what point does everyone need/expect a reasonably powerful graphics processor and connection to the internet in the living room, and can an interactive offering eventually follow Netflix’s lead and play anywhere?

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