New Game Consoles, Old Game Console(?)

Silly new Brazilian console sounds like old silly American Console, but not quite as hopeless. -Cheaper to build, cheaper to buy, and probably didn’t manage to waste $73 million on the way to (not) releasing it. Interesting that, historically, Phantom did go through a semi-but-not-really credible stage, where actual game industry folks commissioned creation of a sorta neat lapboard/keyboard and perhaps (although I doubt it) streaming technology, and now Phantom seems to be sort of releasing these as products. A problem with Phantom from the start was that it wanted to be a premium device, but always consisted of elements that had already been better enabled by other entities. Hence, the threat was that if Phantom actually launched, and succeeded, a competitor could be put together with an afternoon of phone calls to vendors (Exent, Alienware, Alphagrip, hmm, what else…)

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