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Camera Conversion (Part 7): Pi Advances, Yi Continues

In a bit of very good luck, I was able to reach out to the developer of BerryCam (Jim Moore), and he both told me he’s in the process of finalizing an update to Berrycam for the RaspberryPi HQ camera, and offered me a chance to give it a try. -Which I gratefully accepted. It’s wonderfully usable software, and by the time he implements all of the enhancements he’s developing, will completely change the nature of what’s possible for this camera. An iteration should be live in the App store in the next couple of weeks, and I’d encourage anyone to give it a try (especially if you have a Pi and an HQ camera).

This iteration of BerryCam, doesn’t yet allow you to keep the video on beyond a few moments after the shutter is triggered (so it still must be done directly on the Pi, although that may change); hence, I’ve been having a bit of difficulty adjusting the backfocus on my old cine D-Mount lenses properly. I also am a bit limited by living in a Philadelphia row house, where we have no infinity readily available on which to focus. I need to pick up a smaller screen and also a battery pack for the Pi, to make full use of the device easily, but I’ll do those things when I have the other bits figured out.

Here are a few images I grabbed that, while flawed by the backfocus issues, show the promise of the concept, and the value of the old glass, even on this tiny image sensor.

To facilitate adjusting the backfocus, I’ve designed a couple of adapters specifically designed to correctly position D-Mount lenses in relation to the Pi HQ sensor. One should precisely position the lens flange 12.29mm from the sensor; the other is more flexible in adjustment (when precision invariably fails). I’m having them printed out in Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) from Jawstec, and they should be here tomorrow.

On the Yi side of things, that device will need a lot more testing and tweaking, but for now, it’s doing pretty well. I’ve polished all of the titanium components (using a crazy number of sanding pads, from 80 to 2,000 grit)

I should be getting a new lens mount component for it tomorrow, and all the pieces will then be largely in place.