Why Twitter is Not the Next Second Life

It has been the case since the mid ’90s that periodically folks who may have had some degree of expertise and insight in the previous iteration of internet business model and technology will cast a jaundiced eye at current trends and dismiss them out of hand in a way that demonstrates singularly well their complete disassociation from the current industry. I would suggest that Sean Carton did just this in a recent ClickZ article in which he evaluates Twitter based upon website traffic. Continue reading “Why Twitter is Not the Next Second Life”

In-Store Digital Distribution at Best Buy Mobile

Best Buy has long been effectively forward-looking in approaches to media/software distribution. -They derive their margins from hardware and accessories, anyway, which makes this an easy choice for them. So, earlier this year, their investment in U.K.’s Carphone Warehouse seemed both in keeping with that spirit and potentially very effective, given Carphone’s success with a variety of unique initiatives. Now, Best Buy has announced a relationship enabling in-store distribution of Handango-aggregated software for mobile phones via store POS terminals. Carphone began something similar with Handango earlier this year, so it’s likely an expansion of that deal. Interesting that they chose to use a third party to enable this sort of aggregation, though; after all, they do have their own buyers, so why bother, but Carphone has been having a somewhat rough year, both in terms of share price and personal issues. Continue reading “In-Store Digital Distribution at Best Buy Mobile”

Clues to a Cruddy Game in Patterns of Console Releases for European vs. American Markets

THQ just announced that Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon will not be shipping for PS3 in the US, where it will only be available on 360. It will, however, be available on both platforms in Europe early next year. It’s always interesting to try to parse exactly what this sort of announcement actually means; THQ claim that the cause is production delays preventing the game’s availability on PS3 in time for an early December release. Continue reading “Clues to a Cruddy Game in Patterns of Console Releases for European vs. American Markets”